Our Story

CPalliance Justice

Climate Peace Alliance (CPA) was founded by two Nigerian activists who grew up witnessing the devastating effects of climate change induced conflict. They witnessed conflicts between herders and farmers over scarce resources as a result of climate change, leading to deaths and displacement. As adults, our founders worked for Amnesty International and documented hundreds of conflict-related deaths. They were frustrated that the conflict resolution efforts by both state and non-state actors did not take meaningful account of the major role that climate change played in promoting the scarcity of resources that was at the heart of the conflicts. The destabilisation of regions, the loss of ancestral lands, and the haunting spectre of hunger are but a few of the effects of the conflicts. These effects exacerbate the fragility of already fragile democracies - including in Nigeria, pushing them to the brink. The lack of investment in addressing the role of climate change in these conflicts was the catalyst that prompted the establishment of CPA, casting light on the obscured connection between environmental crises and violent conflict. CPA is in service to communities affected by climate change. It is working to build a future where peace and sustainability go hand in hand.