Who we are

Uniting for Climate, Peace, and Justice

ClimatePeace Alliance (CPA) is an international non-governmental organization that works at the intersection of climate justice and violent conflicts.
We are committed to addressing both climate injustice and conflicts through peaceful and collaborative efforts. We recognise the importance of forging alliances among diverse stakeholders to create harmonious and sustainable communities.
The international head office is located in London, United Kingdom.
The African regional office is located in Abuja, Nigeria.

CPalliance Justice
At CPA, we are guided by four broad objectives

Our Objectives

Capacity Building and Empowerment

• Provide training, capacity-building programs, and resources for stakeholders, empowering them to integrate climate justice approaches into their conflict resolution and sustainable development work.

• Foster partnerships and collaborations to amplify the voices of affected communities, ensuring their meaningful participation in decision-making processes.

Raise Awareness and Advocacy

• Increase awareness about the intersection of climate justice and conflicts, and promoting understanding of the socio-environmental impacts on under-represented communities.

• Advocate for policy changes that integrate climate justice
principles into conflict resolution frameworks and global,
regional, and national environmental policies.

Fostering Collaboration between grassroots and systems level actors

• Collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to focus on context-specific projects that advance climate justice, sustainable livelihoods, resource management, and conflict resolution.

• Create the connective tissue between grassroots implementers and the systems-level actors at the bilateral and multilateral thereby ensuring a cohesive integration of efforts across all levels.

Research and Knowledge Sharing

• Research to deepen the understanding of the drivers, dynamics, and consequences of conflicts related to climate change, with a focus on under-represented communities.

• Facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange among researchers, practitioners, and communities to identify best practices and innovative solutions.


At CPA, we envision a world where climate justice principles are integrated into conflict resolution efforts by fostering sustainable solutions that address the root causes of conflicts while prioritizing the needs and rights of marginalized communities affected by the twin effects of climate change and violent conflicts.


At CPA, we promote climate justice and conflict resolution by bridging the gap between environmental challenges and conflicts through research, training and facilitated dialogue that empower communities, policymakers, and stakeholders to build resilience, resolve conflicts, and create equitable and sustainable features.

At CPA, we are guided by the following principles

Guiding principles and work approach:

Intersectionality and inclusion:

We recognize the interconnections between climate justice, conflicts, and social justice issues, ensuring an inclusive approach that addresses the needs and rights of under-represented communities.

Collaboration and partnership

We aim to foster collaboration among researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and affected communities, by building partnerships for impactful actions and knowledge exchange.

Evidence-Based solutions

We aim to utilise research, data, and evidence to inform policy advocacy, project design, and implementation, while ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of our initiatives.